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In 2016 I came up with the idea of an NPC generator for my D&D adventures which would allow me to create and roleplay a character on the spot. Say, for instance, that a player suddenly decided to visit a shop for which I had no information prepared: I could create a shopkeeper in a matter of seconds and bargain with the player in a way that would reflect the shopkeeper's traits.

Image of the spreadsheet version of Crowdshuffler

Example of the spreadsheet version

By reading Chris Perkins' Dungeon Master Experience articles I knew that, to define and roleplay a character, I only needed a name, a couple of adjectives and maybe a description of the way he or she talked; so I quickly created an excel spreadsheet which would fill up a dozen of rows with random names and traits... and I suddenly realized how casual combinations of those words would sometimes create awesome, silly or simply memorable characters. The power of Random is incredible.

Image of weird internal spreadsheets of the old version of Crowdshuffler

Internal spreadsheets of the excel version are a bit of an LSD trip...

I expanded the spreadsheet as much as I could, by adding a background, D&D classes and races, and informations I extracted from other websites... but at the same time I tried to keep the characters simple enough to allow me to roleplay them after a few glances at their traits. You can find the "final" version of that spreadsheet here.

During that time my D&D adventures and campaigns began to rely more and more on this generator and some friends even asked me to send them the spreadsheet so that they could use it for their own adventures; if this tool could be so useful, I really had to create an online version for all the other dungeon masters out there.

I hope you're going to find this website as useful as it is for me, and that you're going to have some fun with it in your roleplaying games.



Some of the parts that compose this generator come from (or are inspired by) other online generators and websites. I listed all I could remember here:

If you have any questions, suggestions or insults please feel free to email them to me.

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